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Hi I'm Heather and have owned and loved chihuahuas and other small breed dogs for over 15 years. For many years I have dreamt of one day running my own business dedicated to small breeds and other small pets, giving them the best of everything I have learnt and discovered along my wonderful journey I've been taken on by my own pets.
I have vast experience of many animals including cats, rabbits, small furries, reptiles and exotics. 

My dream now is a reality.

With amazing support from my husband, we are a great team passionate about the service and care we provide you, your dog{s} and other pets. We provide a fun-filled day offering activities encouraging enrichment, confidence and socialisation in new and stimulating environments. 

We have 4 chihuahuas of our own Paris, Bandit, Laura and Spice who are our life, our passion, our world, who are ready to welcome your little ones to Small Paws. 

And I am living my amazing dream and would love the opportunity to share it with you and your pet(s).

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Boarding Licence Number: 19/1109/ANIMAL



Animal Reiki Practitioner

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Paris is our eldest chihuahua 
A true princess she hates muddy puddles loves to sunbathe and adores everyone especially if you give her a cuddle.
Her favourite game is hunting food hidden around the garden.


Bandit is our best boy a real character he steals everyone's heart! 
Bandit loves to play with his pals who come to visit us. 
He loves food of any description and his favourite pastime is raiding bags or opened cupboards to try and find a tasty treat.

Bandit enjoys our walks and loves to play in the pool 



Laura is our special little girl  
The most loving and clever girl of our gang. 
She too is no fan of mud or puddles and especially hates the rain. 
Laura loves to swim and is a whizz at brain games and tricks.
Laura loves her baby (a little toy duck ) and we will often find her snuggled up with our guests and the duck.

Laura is nervous of strange humans that come into our home but loves our furry friends that visit (click here to see the mischief she gets up to).


Spice is our new addition to the small paws family 
She's 9 months old and a whirlwind of fun and exploration. 
She loves to run through muddy puddles try to catch flies and play zoomies in the long grass.

She will steal anything she thinks she can especially pegs and socks. 

She is quickly learning how to hunt food from our games and play our confidence games.
She is a very friendly little girl who plays with everyone and loves to follow little Laura everywhere.

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Click here to see the adventures we get up to with our furry friends!



Age:  3 yrs 8 months

Breed: Jackawawa

Likes: Food, Playing, The beach, Sitting on your knee,  Being with his pals at Small Paws.  
Dislikes: Loud noises, Being left on his own, Rain, Wearing a coat.

About: Team Members
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