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In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Small Paws Services data protection policy is outlined here.
1. Agreement and Vet Release forms completed at your initial consultation with Small Pet Services are held in a secure location and only Small Pet Services staff have access to them. This information would only be shared with a third party, in the case of an emergency vet consultation for your pet, whereby your Vet Release form would be shown to the staff in the surgery.
2. We do not use your data for marketing purposes.
3. Customer telephone numbers are stored in Small Pet Services mobile telephones, which are password protected. Photos taken of customer’s pets can be shared on social media (Facebook & Instagram) and sometimes tagged with your pet’s name, but only with customer consent on an original Small Pet Services agreement.
4. Customer contact details are saved on a Small Pet Services laptop computer which is password protected. Customers have the right to ask Small Pet Services to destroy any data we hold for them which we will do within 24 hours of your request but please note Small Pet Services can’t continue to care for customer’s pets without the signed agreement form. All data will be destroyed after two years if no contact is made after Small Pet Services providing services.
5. use of cookies. Cookies may be used for registration and maintaining your preferences. This includes ensuring that you can stay logged in and keeping the site in the language or appearance that you requested. Cookies may also be used for analytics, allowing Small Pet Services to determine how people are using the site and improve it. Cookies are not used for advertising purposes by Small Pet Services.

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